Important! Those vaccinated against coronavirus are capable of transmitting the Delta mutation

The UK Department of Health has released new data according to which vaccinated citizens are able to transmit the Delta mutation as easily as those who did not receive the vaccine.

As reported by the Public Health Service of England, the level of the Delta variant after infection is the same in vaccinated and unvaccinated. The findings are consistent with the findings of scientists from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Last week, they issued a warning that, unlike other strains, Delta is transmitted from vaccinated people if they become infected.

The effectiveness of vaccines in protecting against severe disease and death is still known. But there is much less data on whether vaccinated people can be a source of infection in case of coronavirus infection. The UK Public Health Service said in a statement:

“Initial results … indicate that virus levels in those infected with Delta and who have already been vaccinated may be the same as in unvaccinated people. This can affect the infectivity of people, whether they are vaccinated or not. However, this is preliminary exploratory analysis and further targeted research is needed to confirm that this is true. “

The service confirmed that of the confirmed cases of Delta variant infection that have been treated since July 19, 55.1% were in non-vaccinated individuals and 34.9% were in two-dose vaccine recipients. PHE says:

“There is preliminary laboratory evidence that vaccination or previous infection may be less effective in preventing infection with the new variant B.1.621. However, these data are limited and further research is needed. There is no evidence that he is more infectious than the dominant Delta. “

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