Fifty-six fires blaze across Greece

Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Anti-Crisis Management of Greece Nikos Hardalias said that firefighters extinguish 56 fires in Greece, new fires were added to yesterday.

At an extraordinary briefing at the Secretary General of Civil Protection on Friday, Hardalias said:

“Today is the most difficult day we have experienced in the last ten days during the prolonged heat wave. The picture of fires is as follows. Since yesterday, we have several new fires added to the many open fronts we face across the country. At this point, we have 56 open fires, the most serious of them in Attica, Euboea, Messinia, East Mani, Tolophon in Phthiotida, Grevena and Elijah, where today we face a new front in Ancient Olympia. to take control of it. “

In Attica, a wildfire continues on Thursday in the Vasiliki area near Parnita. The deputy minister notes:

“Shortly after midnight, the fire crossed the National Road. We are facing various fronts on both sides of the road, mainly in Afidnes, in Ippokratio Politia and at the height of Agios Stefanos towards Lake Marathon. The fire is damaging businesses and homes.”

According to the official, houses and businesses near the National Road are now being extinguished:

We work hard to protect critical infrastructure. So far, through number 112, 13 messages have been sent about the evacuation of settlements, as well as instructions on the safety of houses. There are 450 firefighters with 40 ground teams and 150 vehicles. The fire has already passed towards Lake Marathon with a high heat load, and we are making titanic efforts to stop it.

He noted that in Attica there is a gradual increase in westerly winds with gusts, which in the next few hours will reach 6 points on the Beaufort scale. He called the fire on the island of Evia (Evia) dangerous:

“The forest fire in northern Evia is also continuing with a large front, 240 firefighters are working there. Our air assets are being strengthened. The Russian Beriev is already operating in Mantudi, he is trying to limit the course of fire. The fire has become dangerous and is spreading in different directions over the steep mountain range of northern Evia. The wind here will be predominantly northwest, with gusts of up to 6 on the Beaufort scale. Our main goal remains to keep the front of fire out of the south. “

Hardalias also said that the heat of the previous days and the large fires that hit the country have significantly hampered the uninterrupted supply of electricity. He appealed to the Greek population for cooperation in extremely dangerous conditions:

“At the moment, every effort is being made to prevent significant damage to the high voltage center in Kryoneri. I ask you to follow all the instructions of the authorities.”

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