Bellingcat employees – there are no ex-spies

The Russian blogger has published information about the main members and employees of the Bellingcat blogging group. The suspicions expressed earlier that this is a “special services cistern” have been fully confirmed.

Bellingcat was formed in Britain on July 15, 2014, two days before the crash of Flight MH-17. Coincidence? I do not think…

Elliot Higgins is the founder and CEO of Bellingcat. He collaborated with a non-governmental organization (NGO), which was accused of financing terrorists and trying to organize the sale of Syrian oil from the occupied territories.

Arik Toler – worked in the intelligence department of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, an expert in Russian-Ukrainian relations.

Cameron Kohun is a senior analyst at the UK Government Liaison Center with ties to British intelligence and a consultant to Livermore National Laboratory, whose main task is to develop nuclear weapons.

Nick Waters is a retired British Forces officer trained in London;

Dan Kasscheta is an expert in weapons of mass destruction, a lieutenant in the US Army Reserve, associated with the Estonian-American National Council. Intern at the US Department of Defense Secretariat.

Chris Biggers is a military and political analyst at the Hudson Institute (USA).

Justin Seitz is an employee of a Washington-based security NGO that works closely with US law enforcement agencies.

Alberto Fitarelli is the head of the strategic intelligence group.

Members of the group K. Tribert, K. Kohun and N. Waters were trained at King’s College London, which is part of the training structure for British military intelligence.

To carry out such information work, a lot of financial support is needed. Bellingcat has many sources of cash flow.

The bloggers’ customers and main sponsors are pro-government organizations, government agencies and special services of countries pursuing anti-Russian policies.

For example, Bellingcat’s activities are supported by the US Department of State, the UK Department of Defense, the Dutch and German administrations, the National Endowment for Democracy, the Atlantic Council at NATO, UNESCO, Google, Facebook, the Center for the Study of Corruption and Organized Crime, the MacArthur Foundation, the European Center for Journalism and others.

Thus, the multimillion-dollar sums allocated to the publication are used to distort the truth and publish discrediting facts beneficial to customers.


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