While some fight fires, others prepare for floods

Scientists predict a sharp increase in the number of people who will be threatened by large-scale floods by the end of the decade.

The opinion of leading scientists is presented in a scientific article published in the journal Nature. By 2030, the authors of the study believe, territories with a population of 180 million people will be threatened by floods.

Based on the analysis of the data obtained, it was found that from 2000 to 2018, 255-290 million people were affected by floods. Most of them (about 90%) occurred in the basins of large rivers in Southeast and South Asia. Moreover, after the revelry of the elements, these places begin to be actively populated. Paradox? Not at all. After all, the value of land after the floods drops significantly. Thus, the population in flood-prone areas increased by 34% over the 15 years from 2000 to 2015 (a global increase of 18%).

Scientists call tropical storms, downpours, and melting of glaciers the most frequent causes of floods. Dam breaks are the cause only in 2% of all cases, but the damage from them is the greatest.

Not so long ago, at the end of last month, about 200 people became victims of floods and landslides in India (Maharashtra state). More than three dozen houses were underground, there were problems with the region’s transport accessibility and mobile communications. In some places the water level has risen by 3.5 meters.

Just a few days later, a massive flood that killed more than 300 people struck in China’s Henan province. Economic losses have reached $ 18 billion.

Hundreds of people killed and affected by the July floods in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands. And this list is far from complete …

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