Goodbye hookah virus incubator

Nikos Tsanakis, professor of pulmonology at the University of Crete, spoke about the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic and what we need to change in our habits.

“According to our model, we predict that the number of intubated will reach 220-280 in mid-August. Now we have 190. These are manageable situations in terms of the load on the health care system, ”the expert said in the morning, speaking on ANT1.

In addition, it was noted that by the end of the month, from 50% to 60% of the capacity of the health care system will be used.

“We can handle this, unless some unexpected critical situation arises. And of course, all citizens will comply with protective measures and behave deliberately. We had research from America in a fully vaccinated city. It looks like we need to be very careful, ”the professor said.

Mr Tsanakis emphasized that the commission should probably change the medical protocol.

When asked what to do, the professor said: “We certainly cannot go anywhere without masks, except perhaps in places where we are alone or with very few people, in the open air.”

He also stressed that “there are some establishments, like hookah bars, where everyone breathes in and out the steam (circulating inside the smoking device), and the only thing that changes is the mouthpiece. They should be closed. Since hookahs are “virus incubators”. I propose and urge to introduce a ban on hookahs in cafes and entertainment establishments. They are not sterilized, we are dealing with a strain that you have to be very careful with. “

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