Evia: the fire cannot be stopped

“The site from the village of Kurkuli is crucial, if the fire breaks out from there, we will not be able to predict where it will stop,” says the deputy governor of the Kelaiditis region. 15 villages and settlements have already been evacuated, the municipality of Limni – Mantudi – Agia Anna has been declared a state of emergency.

Fires in the southeastern part of Evia are virtually out of control. During the time when all the firefighters were thrown into extinguishing the fire in the elite district of Varibobi – Kryoneri, the fire on the island managed to capture large territories.

This morning, an order was given to evacuate the settlements of Agia Anna and Agladi. Residents are asked to leave and go to Istia. The fire remains uncontrolled, houses and cars are on fire.

“Unfortunately, our fears were confirmed, the fire will not stop, reaching the coast of the sea,” said the mayor of Mantudi.

At the moment, eyes are focused on the evacuated villages of Kechries and Daphne, where bulldozers are urgently creating security zones with the hope that three huge fire fronts, which are now moving in different directions, mainly north and northwest, threatening to reach the sea, will be stopped.

In Daphne and Kechris, a real battle is going on with the participation of firefighters, volunteers, as well as local residents, mainly resin collectors who know the forest very well, to create zones so that the fire does not threaten the settlements.

“This is a titanic battle in which we fight all together, people and machines. I believe we have a good chance of winning it, “Deputy Regional Governor of Evia Georgios Kelaiditis told APE-MPE and, as he explains,” on the best conditions that we give for the village of Daphne, and we are all trying our best forces for the village of Kechris ”.

On the same side of the fire, that is, in the east, another large fire front has developed, which is moving north and over the village of Skepasti in the direction of the village of Amelantes, which has been evacuated since Thursday dawn.

This front of fire in the morning was connected with the fire at the village of Kurkuli and also with the northern front at Amelantes.

“This is a defining moment. As long as we have a firefighting aircraft at our disposal, they hold back the flames, since there are no other methods in the mountains, ”says Mr Kelaiditis to APE-MPE and adds that“ if a fire breaks out from there, you can no longer predict where it might stop. “.

The authorities suspect that it was not without arson. At the same time, the motives and performers are still not clear, since there is no obvious commercial benefit in this case.

As of yesterday, the fire went through the monastery of St. David and Drymonu and went on in two fronts. One moved north, reaching the pine-covered peak of the mountain, and continued in the direction of the pine forest between the villages of Kokkinomilia and Kerasia.

Meanwhile, by order of the Deputy for Civil Protection and Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias and the decision of the Secretary General for Civil Protection Vasilios Papageorgiou, a state of emergency has been declared in the region, aimed at eliminating the consequences of the catastrophic forest fires that have occurred in the region.

This regime will operate from the date of adoption for six months, that is, until February 3, 2022. …

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