Why did the forest in Varibobi catch fire?

When a fire breaks out with multiple concurrent fires, do a Google search for the area name and write “investment” next to it — the puzzle has been solved. An article in in.gr half a year ago: “The former royal estates in Tatoy serve as a magnet for attracting investment in the wider area of ​​Varibobi – Krioneri”. “According to the same sources, many investors are ‘scanning’ the neighborhood and exploring the possibilities of their use. “However, most of them are forests, and the available ‘free’ land is minimal in area and with restrictions on land use.” “A special company will be created to manage the project, which will also prepare concession contracts. The budget is estimated at 97-130 million euros, with the Ministry of Culture requesting 49 million from the Recovery Fund. The rest will be sought with the cooperation of the state and individuals. ” Quite by accident, amendments were made to the law, according to which burned-out areas are considered subject to immediate reforestation, and this is done under certain conditions. Of course, when the forest maps and land registry have never been completed since the founding of the Greek state, it becomes extremely easy for domestic and foreign investors to have access to competent ministries. Says a specialist in this “business”: “I go into the office where 3 people are sitting – the head of the department that issues building permits and 2 of his subordinates. I have 3 packages in my hands – one with 300 thousand euros I put on the boss’s desk, with another 100 thousand to two of his subordinates, I get a signature and a stamp on the document, and voila. I have a building permit in the forest zone. I bought a plot for 150 thousand, bribes 500 thousand, now I can sell it, at least for million. The procedure is adjusted and put on stream. ”

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