Resident of Rovies: We were left to fend for ourselves for Varibobi

A resident of the flaming town of Rovies expressed his anger at the prime minister using offensive and obscene language live on the state television station ERT, stating that the fire brigade had been ordered to leave Evia in the grip of the fire in order to save Varibobi.

Residents and tourists in the resort village of Rovies, on the island of Evia, faced a fiery nightmare as they were surrounded by raging flames that burned everything in their path, reaching the beach, despite the superhuman efforts of the firefighters.

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Posted by Ghetto Magazine on Wednesday, August 4, 2021 According to local residents, the fire crossed the central road and, despite the security zone created by the fire brigade, burned houses, and “flames” erupted from everywhere, creating images of the Apocalypse.

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The rescue service organized an operation to evacuate everyone who was in Rovies on boats by sea. In total, at least 85 people were taken out from the beach in Rovies in five boats. Speaking live on ERT, a desperate Rovies resident did not hesitate to use obscene language to describe his attitude towards Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, as he claimed, his house was left, as he claimed at the mercy of fate, as “the fire brigade was ordered to rescue Varibobi” at a time when the northwest of Evia was turning to ash. “We are talking about a disaster, guys, the fire brigades took everything from here, took them to Athens and left the fire uncontrolled. There was nothing left, everything burned down, ”a resident of Rovia first said to the camera, followed by another, who showed the fact on camera. “A political instruction was given. All the fire brigade vehicles left to save Varybobi. But in the end neither Varibobi nor us saved. In conclusion, he stressed that they were doubly incompetent, unable to contain their anger at the Prime Minister:“ Mitsotaki? Γ @ μ% ^ # ** ρε μ @ λ …! ”.

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