Removal of valuable objects from Tatoya: most of the estate burned down

On the night of 3/08 to 4/08, against the background of a devastating fire in the Tatoya (Varibobi) area, where the royal estate is located, an operation was carried out to rescue museum treasures and objects. Culture and Sports Minister Lina Mendoni also arrived there, hastily returning from a trip to the Cyclades.

Despite the fact that the catastrophic fire in Varibobi and the surrounding area did not affect the “heart” of the former royal estate, the transfer of cultural heritage items was carried out with the utmost care and care.

The transfer of the museum relics was carried out by the Civil Protection Service in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Sports, as reported yesterday by the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias.

It is noted that there are thousands of movable objects in Tatoi, such as carriages, luxury cars, works of art, antique furniture and other valuables.

Tanasis Kutsavlis, President of the Friends of the Tatoi Estate (Συλλόγου Φίλων Κτήματος Τατοΐου), spoke on ERT, expressing his relief that the fire did not spread to the “historic center” of the former royal estate.

“We’ve avoided the worst. Fire element coming from Varibobiwas extremely dangerous for the estate. The civil protection service quickly established a protection zone and stopped the fire spreading in the direction of the estate. This means that we did not lose Tatoi’s “heart”, although most of the estate was still burned down. This is a terrible situation. “

By “historical core” Mr. Kutsavlis understands the buildings located in the very center of the estate. “If the fire reached the historic center with buildings, 100,000 objects and works of art, cars, carriages, etc. would be completely destroyed by fire.

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