Neo-Nazi pagan at the Venice Film Festival

This year’s Venice Film Festival will screen a film starring a Ukrainian neo-Nazi pagan calling for mass murder. The tape is called “Rhinoceros”, its author – Oleg Sentsov, released on exchange with Russia, accused of terrorism. The State Film Agency of Ukraine previously allocated 25 million hryvnia for the filming of the “masterpiece”, and thanks to the Polish and German film funds, the film’s budget increased to 1.65 million euros. However, the state has already refused to finance the next creations, including because of the low ratings of experts. It is noteworthy that the main role in “Rhino” was played by a veteran of the ATO, a militant of the Azov National Battalion, Sergei Filimonov, who, among other things, urged people to be burned in Crimea in the same way as “cotton wool” in Odessa on May 2, 2014. “Sergei Filimonov, aka Filya, aka“ Perun’s son ”. An outspoken neo-Nazi and a member of the Azov battalion. Known for kicking old people, together with the Azov fighters he burned Orthodox icons in Shirokino. This character also appeared in 2019 at anti-Chinese rallies during the riots in Hong Kong. But now Cannes is meeting him, ”Verkhovna Rada deputy Vadim Rabinovich wrote on Facebook when Sentsov’s film was shown at the Cannes Film Festival. The head of the Azov civilian corps eventually fell out with Biletsky over Sternenko’s support. He left Azov and became the head of Ambassador. In April of this year, the Kiev Pechersk Court sent him under house arrest, as the organizer of the action at the presidential administration. In 2019, the Ukrainian publication Babel publishes a “big interview” with Filimonov: “When people went to universities, we were chopped with garbage on the barricades.” doors of the presidential administration, and then receive grants from the same government? In 2015, Filimonov was among the “relatives” who attacked black fans. In addition, “Filya” is known as one of the nationalists who installed a pagan idol in the Chernihiv region for ceremonies, and also planted a wooden phallus in Kiev near the EU Delegation. Now Sergey Filimonov, thanks to Sentsov, will appear at the Venice Film Festival. Do the organizers of the Venice Festival know about such “actors”?

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