Municipality of Athens in support of LGBT people

The Municipality of Athens, demonstrating responsibility and sensitivity in addressing cases of racial discrimination, violence, harassment and abuse of members of sexual minorities, strengthens the role of the Department of Gender Equality and intensifies concrete actions to eliminate stereotypes and prevent the marginalization of the city’s ΛΟΑΤΚΙ residents.

The legal obligations of states to ensure the human rights of LGBT people (ΛΟΑΤΚΙ) are enshrined in international law on the basis of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and subsequent international relevant treaties and legislation.

All people, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation or gender identity, have the right to protection under international human rights law, including with respect to the right to life, personal safety and privacy, and the right to be free from torture , arbitrary arrest and detention, the right to be free from discrimination and the right to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly.

The Athens Department of Equality and Discrimination Policy will act as an advisor to eliminate negative stereotypes and avoid all forms of discrimination, marginalization, harassment, unequal treatment and violence against sexual minorities.

The Department will coordinate the training and awareness of staff working in the services and structures of the Municipality of Athens, and will take measures to protect, prevent discrimination, unequal treatment, harassment and marginalization due to stereotypes and lack of culture.

The municipal authorities are creating a model and starting to use the efforts of the services and organizations of the municipality, following the European policy and tactics of equality (Equality Strategy ΛΟΑΤΚΙ for 2020-2025), in compliance with the legal provisions of the European Charter for Gender Equality.

According to the decision of the majority present at the meeting of the municipal council, the authorities go directly to the creation of an inter-parliamentary committee to develop proposals for the necessary actions and initiatives in close cooperation with the civil public committee.

Broader action to prevent violence and protect ΛΟΑΤΚΙ members from:

gender-based violence manifested in all its forms, harassment and intimidation in all its forms, xenophobia, homophobia or transphobia through ironic, malicious and offensive public comments, committing criminal acts (violence).

It is necessary to instill absolute respect for the person, their personality characteristics and choices, as well as unconditional condemnation and disapproval of incidents and behaviors that lead to segregation, exclusion and stereotypes outside of time and society.

The Mayor of Athens also calls for an open and friendly community of all citizens, which he considers a key component of a modern democracy.

“We are fully aware of the difficulties that ΛΟΑΤΚΙ face in their daily life. Everyone should feel safe and free to be themselves. To be able to speak and express himself as he believes, including about his sexual orientation, identity, self-expression and gender characteristics, without feeling a lack of respect or a threat, “says Mayor of Athens Costas Bakogiannis, emphasizing:” In the municipality of Athens we begin our efforts in this regard from our home. Support and acceptance starts with us. Changing mindsets requires perseverance, a holistic approach and a collective effort. ”

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