Expert: Coronavirus transmission and air conditioners

Of particular concern is the positivity index, which remains very high, with the Delta mutation prevailing in 70% of cases in Greece. Athena Linou, EKPA professor of epidemiology, emphasizes that things are not easy.

“When we hear about the situation in hospitals, we understand that the situation is difficult. The main and alarming thing is that the positivity index remains very high. It is difficult to predict what will happen in 30 days and whether another covid mutation will spread. this mutation will be contagious, but also from our behavior, ”the expert explained to the Mega channel.

Ms Linu voiced concerns about the coronavirus pandemic and the role of air conditioners, emphasizing that “there is now one of the strongest and longest heatwaves in the past 40 years.”

“People who have been vaccinated can also get sick, although the disease is mild. If the vaccinated person has a cough, headache, fever, or runny nose, it is best to get tested to avoid spreading the virus. In America, the mask is recommended even for vaccinated people. This should be done in Greece as well. In addition, in air conditioners of the type that we have in our country (they recycle the same air without introducing new or killing the virus), the transmission of covid is very easy, so we must use a mask if we are in an air-conditioned room among other people. This virus is very easily transmitted, ”said Ms. Linu.

Referring to the question of the third dose of vaccine and who can be re-vaccinated, Ms. Linu said that “there is definitely a group of people who do not develop antibodies, even if they have been vaccinated. Elderly and immunocompromised people will be vaccinated first. For the general population, studies have not been completed to say exactly how long it takes for immunity to decline, so a third dose will be required. So we are waiting. But some people will still need a third dose. ”

“Some children will get seriously ill.”
Ms. Linu described the decision of parents to vaccinate their children as difficult, but supported them in this direction.

“The conditions in schools are such that they contribute to the dispersal of the virus. This poses a danger not only in terms of transmission of the virus to their elderly relatives, but also to the health of the children themselves. Few children, but some of them will become seriously ill, so they need to be vaccinated. a difficult decision for parents, but I believe that in this way they can “do good” to their children. “

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