OAED: 3 new programs for 20,700 unemployed

According to the OAED, access to three employment programs for the unemployed is open. In particular, they offer wage subsidies and insurance premiums of up to 100%.

In addition, there is a second career development program that subsidizes new business start-ups.

The goal of these actions is to immediately stimulate employment and create new jobs in the midst of a pandemic.

1) Second Business Opportunity Program

The Second Business Opportunity Agenda targets 3,000 unemployed people with a focus on the digital economy and women. The goal of the program is to give a second chance to those who ceased their activities in the period from 01.01.2012 to 31.10.2020 to create a new business and re-enter the labor market.
The grant lasts 12 months with a three-month commitment, and the grant amount ranges from € 12,000 (for a sole proprietor) to € 24,000 (for a business with three beneficiary partners). After the completion of the 3 month commitment, its duration can be extended by 12 months and the total grant amount will vary from € 20,000 to € 36,000 upon request.

2) Program for 9200 beneficiaries “Reintegration into the labor market”

The program covers the employment of 9,200 subsidized unemployed people in private sector companies for 12 months with a total monthly subsidy of up to 830 euros (80% of monthly salary and non-salary expenses).

The program includes two stages:

a) The first phase of the program includes the period of time remaining from the “screening for reintegration into the labor market” of the beneficiary, from the date of his hiring until the expiration of the verification period.

b) The second stage concerns the remaining time period until the end of 12 months.

3) Employment program for 8,500 long-term unemployed aged 55-67

The program covers the employment of 8,500 unemployed people aged 55-67 from all over the country in ΝΠΔΔ, municipalities, regions and local government companies.

Unemployed beneficiaries can work in these institutions for up to 12 months (renewable for another 12 months), and their monthly subsidy can be up to 750 euros (75% of monthly salary and non-salary expenses). The total budget for the program is € 150,000,000 and is funded by the OAED.

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