Luciferase: scientists have found a way to recognize vaccinated

There was information among anti-vaccines that a certain “luminous substance” is added to the vaccine, which can be determined by a device such as a non-contact thermometer, which is used to measure the temperature of passengers at airports. In this connection, it is now easy to identify those who are not vaccinated.

According to, scientists from Queens University and the University of British Columbia (Canada) have developed a biosensor for new SARS-CoV-2 mutations.

The device evaluates the interaction of the coronavirus spike and the ACE2 enzyme through which it enters the body. The scientists attached one fragment of the luciferase protein to the thorn, and another to the enzyme. When the two components are combined, luciferase glows (the same enzyme works in fireflies). The intensity of the light shows how many spikes have associated with ACE2. The analysis takes half an hour, the scientists said.

The device can be used, for example, to evaluate the effectiveness of drugs against SARS-CoV-2. If the drug to block the spike of the virus works, then the system will not emit light because the luciferase fragments will not fuse. In addition, it is possible to indirectly assess the infectivity of a new strain of coronavirus if the mutation has affected the thorn.

“This simple and fast biosensor will significantly accelerate the detection of viral mutants and drug discovery processes against COVID-19,” summed up the authors of the invention.

Lucifer forms his own “flock”

The information was posted in January 2021. And right after her, “evidence” of anti-vaccine users poured down that they had been calculated thanks to the device.

For example, in Volos, a doctor who allegedly “vaccinated” 20 patients, but in fact simply issued a certificate (with entry into the system), the patients were identified, and now he faces criminal liability. In principle, there are 2 options: either someone “passed” the doctor, or … the vaccine really contains “luciferase”.

The strange component of the vaccine, it is not known why, was added there (it is harmless to health, but it does not save from covid either). Then why is it even needed as part of a vaccine?

This was reported by a blogger from Italy, who carefully studied the information on the components of the vaccine, set out on the state website. And I found this chemical element in its composition.

Of course, to speak unfoundedly, without facts, is to subject yourself to criticism, but the lady laid out her thoughts on this matter in detail in the video, substantiating them.

Anyway … does the name luciferase mean anything to you? However, this is not a “popular” name, information about the substance is presented in Wikipedia.

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