Heat: the authorities recommended to release workers from duties from 12:00 to 16:00

In recent days, heat waves have prevailed in Greece and the government has taken emergency measures to protect workers.

Two circulars issued by competent ministries provide for abstinence from work for civil servants belonging to vulnerable groups and a recommendation to take a break from 12:00 to 16:00 for employees in the private sector, Lifo.gr.

To avoid heatstroke and possible harm to the health of workers in the heat, the Ministry of Labor and the General Secretariat of Labor urge employers to take the necessary technical and organizational measures in accordance with current legislation and to reduce employment and / or stop work during peak hours (12: 00-16: 00 ) if deemed necessary.

In the private sector, according to the Ministry of Labor, the following measures are applied:

Organizational measures to prevent heatstroke

Organize working hours by scheduling breaks of appropriate length to reduce heat stress for employees. Scheduling work involving high thermal stress on workers, if possible during peak outdoor temperatures. Reduced employment or work stoppages in particularly hot areas such as engine rooms, foundries, glass, ceramics, shipbuilding, etc. between 12:00 and 16:00. Being in canteens or other suitable areas for a break. These premises, depending on the objective needs and capabilities, must be equipped with an air conditioning system. These locations will be selected after the cooperation of the employer and a safety specialist, professional doctor. Providing employees with cool drinking water with a temperature of + 10-15 ° C.

Special conditions for outdoor work

Measures that can be taken to eliminate any heat stress in workers include:

Use and use of suitable headgear where a protective helmet and skin protection are not foreseen.

Being in the shade (suitable cover) during the break.

Scheduling work so that the heaviest (for example, paving) are done during the hours when the air temperature is lower (early morning).

Reduction of employment and / or termination of work in the period from 12:00 to 16:00.

Providing employees with cool drinking water at a temperature of + 10-15 ° C.

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