Cocktails at five of the best Athenian roof gardens

Five of the capital’s best roof gardens where you can sip delicious refreshing cocktails while enjoying the beautiful views of Athens.

A popular trend in the bar area is roof gardens on the rooftops of famous hotels and their updated, elaborate cocktail collections.

Several years ago, despite the impressively high level of domestic bartenders, hotel bars in Greece were equated with an outdated and old-fashioned approach. Today, this reality has changed radically, with well-known hotel chains and big brands focusing on modernizing and investing in the bar, as well as in their kitchen.

Athens is home to many hotels on the top floor, next to the restaurant, offering stylish bars and the most innovative versions of classic cocktails.

We are talking about the birth of a new category of fine drinks that has emerged and blossomed in recent years, and gives us the opportunity to retreat for a while in the very center of the city, as we sip on a gourmet drink, gazing at the sky of Attica, the Acropolis, Lycabettus or the endless blue sea.

# 1 Art Lounge @ New Hotel

In the immediate vicinity of Syntagma and Plaka, on the 7th floor of the “New Hotel”, we will find a bar-restaurant with an impressive decoration similar to the bars in hotels in Paris. The renowned duo of Brazilian architects Fernando and Humberto Campana have created a very stylish atmosphere in the bar area with striking elements.

The cocktail list is inspired by the Greek summer and is divided into view suggestions, afternoon cocktails, aperitifs, classics and mocktails. One of our favorite signatures is the refreshing gin-based Cucumber Chill scent.

Greek Delight is also something special. The mix of metaxa and vinsanto can accompany some of the exquisite dishes signed by the artist Babis Kunturis, such as the Dreamy Octopus ala Spetsiota (ονειρικό χταπόδι αλά Σπετσιώτα).

# 2 Manouka @ Utopia Hotel

At the most famous trading Ermou city street, on the 7th floor of the Utopia hotel, a dynamic project is developing, focused on Greek products, local wines and their extroversion. The bar follows the philosophy of local experience and the talented bartender Giannis Pissas offers ten signature cocktails made with fresh Greek produce.

An example is the special Kentia, in which amaro is combined with the original Greek foam chimera with crocuses from Kozani. Bestsellers are also Alocasia with gin and incredible cherry jam. Cocktails are a great bridge to the cuisine and gourmet dishes of Panagiotis Vasilatos.

# 3 Bar 8 @ Grande Bretagne

On the 8th floor of the most famous Greek hotel, a real summer fiesta was held, in which the bar is complemented by its own kitchen. The bar team has ditched classic recipes, opting for premium and Limited Editions spirits, fresh ingredients and homemade meals. The star of the menu is a dry martini with eight different perfect settings, including a fantastic version with Hendrix Lunar.

Cool Clement Spritz can be a good start, and Barfly with bourbon and smoked maple syrup is a great addition to the perfect appetizers and oyster collection.

# 4 Mappemonde @ Athens Capital

The installation rises on the tenth floor of the Athens Capital hotel “Mappemonde”, the work of the Greek sculptor Georgios Lappas, consisting of 3000 figures and giving the name to the bar-restaurant.

Set against the incomparable scenery of the Acropolis, enjoy one of Capital’s coolest cocktails, inspired by mastic and Greek hospitality. Typical examples are the delicious Capital dream with mastic, blue curaçao and prosecco, or the amazing Capital lady with mastic, honey, yogurt and lemon juice. This deserves a special mention in the culinary arts, as bartender Dimitris Bucalis is the pride of Greek Mediterranean and fusion cuisine.

# 5 The Skybar 360 @ Poseidon Athens Hotel

We leave the center of Athens and go to the beach in Paleo Faliro and to the 7th floor of the Poseidon Hotel, which has been turned into a bar with the scent of Greek summer. In addition to the impressive garden and stunning views of the Saronic Gulf, our interest will be attracted by the menu of classic cocktails. The Skybar team has worked in the most demanding bars and manages to create great summer cocktails. One of the must taste is the modernized version of the Paloma cocktail.

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