Turkey blames, Greek Foreign Ministry denies accusations

Ankara accuses Greece of killing a Turkish citizen at the border in the Evros region. The incident took place on Saturday, and on Sunday, the Foreign Ministry summoned the Charge d’Affaires of Greece to Turkey and handed a note of protest.

As told RIA News source in the Turkish Foreign Ministry, yesterday in the province of Edirne, a Turkish citizen was killed by a shot from the territory of Greece. Persons in civilian clothes were shooting. Turkey demanded to detain those responsible for the crime and bring them to justice. In addition, Ankara demands to pay compensation to the family of the deceased.

However, the Greek Foreign Ministry denies all accusations, as reported by the ministry’s press service. The Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement:

“Charge d’Affaires of Greece in Ankara, following the appropriate instructions, responding to the appropriate extraordinary protest for which she was summoned today at the Turkish Foreign Ministry, completely denied Turkey’s accusations of the alleged incident on Evros.”

In turn, the Greek Foreign Ministry declares about the call of the Charge d’Affaires of Greece in Turkey:

“She pointed out to the Turkish side the obligation of the latter to guard its borders and prevent the activities of human traffickers and illegal immigration.”

The Greek police also commented on the incident, noting that Greek forces were not involved in the incident on Evros:

“With regard to the publications of the Turkish media, which are reproduced on the websites, it is reported that Greek forces were not involved in the alleged incident on Evros.”

A new 26-kilometer fence was built by Greece in the north-east of the country in the Evros region, on the border with Turkey, also modernizing 10 km of old sites. This decision was taken after massive attempts by thousands of migrants to break through from Turkey to Greece in February-March.

At the same time, Greece is often accused of violating human rights, citing the living conditions of refugees in special camps and the actions of the coast guard, which pushes boats with refugees back into the waters of Turkey. Humanitarian organizations are convincing that the construction of fences does not lead to a solution to the global problem.

Amnesty International, an international human rights organization, recently released evidence of the systematic forcible returns of migrants at the border in the past year. In July this year, the organization published a report on the violation of basic human rights in Greece.

And the US State Department, in its annual report on the human rights situation, cited a lot of data for 2020 on human rights violations in Greece, mentioning the systematic pushing back of boats with refugees from Greek waters.

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