He hid his aunt’s corpse in the basement of the house to receive her pension

The shocking details of the incident became known when the authorities started looking for the missing 69-year-old resident of Ioannina and proceeded to arrest her nephew, as they began to suspect him of the premeditated murder of a relative for whom he had received a pension all these years.

During a search of her home, the remains of an elderly woman were found in a chest in the basement of her house, where her 55-year-old nephew was currently living.

The man told police that his aunt died in the second decade of May, but he hid her body in a chest and used tile glue to avoid the stench from the inevitable decomposition of the corpse. The concealment of the death of a relative was done with the aim of obtaining profit – his aunt’s pension.

It is shocking that the house of the deceased is located just a few meters from the main square of the village, and the other house (nephew’s) is within walking distance. None of the villagers understood how it was possible to decide on such a thing!

What witnesses say

As the villagers told epirus-tv-news.gr, the detainee came to the village for the last 4.5-5 years and lived in this small house with his mother and aunt. His mother passed away 1.5 years ago, and therefore his aunt and nephew began to live in the house.

According to the data, they were reclusive and rarely appeared in public. Therefore, when the elderly aunt disappeared from sight (passed away), no one could say for sure.

They say that her nephew’s attitude towards her was problematic and not at all exemplary (in relation to two elderly women – a mother and an aunt), and this was probably the reason that the two of them were simply locked in the house. The detainee, when met by the villagers in the village in the morning, was usually polite and friendly. And only when drunk did he manifest himself aggressively.

It is worth noting that, despite the readiness of the head of the village to help him financially, to allocate any benefits that could probably be paid, since he did not work, the man refused to accept help.

Shortly before Easter, according to testimony, residents were struck by a sharp change in his appearance, since in a few days he lost several kilograms. When the villagers asked how his aunt was doing, he referred to various health problems he faced, saying that he took care of her medications. At the same time, his tone was as if “apologetic”.

It is noted that the detainee, against whom a case of premeditated murder was initiated, denies the charge and told the police that his aunt died in the second decade of May from pathological reasons. Wanting to receive her pension, he hid her body in the basement.

The man had previously been prosecuted for robbery, attempted murder and rape in the mid-1980s. He spent three years in prison and escaped in 1992, hiding from the authorities for almost 14 years. In 2006, he was arrested and sent back to prison to serve the remainder of his sentence. And when he was released, he was charged with two counts of rape, with one complaint filed by a first-degree relative was dismissed.

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