Tsanakis: herd immunity 60-62% at the end of August

According to the professor of pulmonology Nikos Tsanakis, in most parts of the country there is an unfavorable epidemiological situation due to the mobility of citizens who went on vacation. The professor also sounded the alarm about the islands and stressed the need for vaccination.

Mr. Tsanakis issued a new appeal to citizens to vaccinate. According to him, “even the first dose gives resistance to the body. Some hospital patients regret not being vaccinated earlier. “

Speaking on the SKAI channel, the expert noted that at the moment we are at the beginning of the peak of the fourth wave, which is stabilizing somewhat and is likely to decline after August 15.

As for herd immunity, according to Mr. Tsanakis, it will reach 60-62% by the end of August.

Regarding the islands, the professor said that cases of the disease among the resident population, which are mostly fully vaccinated, should not be taken into account. For example Mykonos cannot be considered as an island with 10 thousand inhabitants who are permanent population. Currently, it is home to about 200,000 people, so 40 cases of the disease is not so bad.

The expert emphasized that the epidemiological situation has worsened in most peripheral units of Greece due to the movement of citizens who went on vacation, as well as an increase in social contacts. “The numbers are alarming given the situation and the Delta mutation,” he added.

Regarding opening schools and vaccinating teachers, the specialist said he could not imagine teaching unvaccinated children.

Finally, with regard to the Israeli inhaled drug against coronavirus, the professor explained that it is planned to give it to the infected. “Because it’s an inhaler, it’s easy to take with you wherever you go, not just in hospitals. However, clinical trials will show its effectiveness and safety. We are still far from understanding the benefits and side effects that it can have, ”the expert emphasized.

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