Purple jellyfish – a dangerous beauty

Environmental experts draw the attention of bathers to the fact that dangerous inhabitants have appeared in the sea, contact with which can send you to the hospital.

Purple jellyfish are one of the most dangerous species in the world, and their bite is especially painful. The reason for the appearance of lilac (purple) jellyfish is an unprecedented heat. Specialists at the Greek Biodiversity Observatory draw the attention of bathers, stressing: “You should not swim if, entering the sea, you see them in the water.” Due to the neurotoxin secreted by the jellyfish, this species is recognized as one of the most dangerous in the Mediterranean.

If you were shot by a jellyfish. Symptoms:

Pain, burning; Severe redness of the skin.

Also, after being bitten by a purple jellyfish, a person may feel:

Dizziness; Drop in blood pressure; Tachycardia; Headache; Vomiting; Diarrhea; Cough, shortness of breath.

Rare symptoms that require immediate hospitalization of the victim:

Hypotension; Breathing problems; Generalized angioedema – extensive urticaria. Shock state (slurred speech); Vomit.

If you are bitten by a purple jellyfish:

Remove the tentacles stuck to your body. But not with your bare hands, because this will lead to them getting stuck in your hands and transferring irritation there. Flush the bite with plenty of seawater. If there is no better way, take a handful of sand and rub the part of your body where the tentacles are stuck. Do not use fresh water! Apply ice or a cold compress to the bite. Apply a cortisone cream to the affected area – reduces local inflammatory response and quickly relieves burning and itching. If such a cream is not available, use a compress with vinegar water (1 part vinegar and 3 parts water). Take an antihistamine tablet. The more the skin is affected, the greater the need to take an anti-allergic medicine.

Finally, if symptoms are severe, and especially if they persist after first aid, an injection of cortisone may be needed. In this case, you should definitely contact honey. institution.

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