Israel: a newborn girl has … an embryo in her stomach

A baby with a rare anomaly was born in Israel – an embryo was found in her stomach. Experts note that the phenomenon is very rare, about 1 time in 500,000 newborns.

As reported The Times of Israel, in late pregnancy, ultrasound showed an increase in the abdomen in the fetus. After the birth of the baby, the doctors carried out a number of diagnostic measures, and the ultrasound scan revealed the embryo.

It was promptly removed, while the doctors discovered two more similar “attachments”. The doctors said that the removed body was a partially developed embryo. Experts do not yet give full explanations of the reasons for this phenomenon, confirmed by scientific means. However, there are a number of assumptions, according to one of which a woman develops a multiple pregnancy, and then one of the embryos engulfs the other.

After a successful operation, the mother and her newborn daughter were discharged home, and the doctors say that everything will be all right with the girl.

Not so long ago in India was born kid with three heads… The boy is doing well, as is the mother throughout the pregnancy. The “extra” heads are located behind the “normal” ones, and hairs are already growing on them. Parents do not yet know what will happen next with their baby, and just enjoy communicating with a new family member. And everything would be fine, but the house is literally besieged by pilgrims – they are sure that the baby is God’s messenger.

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