China: coronavirus outbreak in five provinces and capital

Chinese state media are reporting a new coronavirus outbreak. Found in Nanjing City (Jiangsu Province), it quickly spread to 5 provinces and Beijing.

According to the BBC, this outbreak is called “the most extensive infection after Wuhan.” The first sighting took place at Nanjing Airport on July 20. Since then, in 9 days, about 200 people have been infected. The authorities believe that the current surge in infections is due to the highly contagious variant of Delta and the rapid spread due to the overcrowded airport.

The airport management was accused of incompetence, the highest disciplinary body of the Communist Party said that it had “such problems as lack of supervision and unprofessional management.” All flights from Nanjing Airport have been suspended until August 11, Global Times reports, citing a source.

Xinhua News Agency reports that 9.3 million residents of the city, including those who come, will be tested for the coronavirus. Testing has already shown that the virus has spread to 13 cities, including Chengdu and Beijing. But experts say the outbreak is in its early stages and can be controlled.

The authorities in Nanjing declare the critical condition of seven infected. Social media speculate on the effectiveness of Chinese vaccines against the Delta strain. It is not yet known whether all those infected were vaccinated. So far, China has managed to keep the virus under control by closing borders at the right time and quickly taking steps to quell local outbreaks.

Several countries in Southeast Asia purchasing vaccines from China recently announced their decision to use drugs from manufacturers in other countries.

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