Tourism: islands under threat of isolation and “green”

After the statement of Michalis Chrysochoidis about the island of Ios, the possibility of introducing a mini-quarantine on the islands with a high epidemiological load was opened.

Many government officials have reportedly been targeting this option in the past 24 hours, as the Department of Civil Protection began sending police teams to the popular islands to implement sanitary measures, in a final attempt to avoid local lockdowns such as in Mykonos.

Ios, Mykonos, Paros, Tinos, Santorini and Rethymno are at the top of the risk list, while health ministry committee scientists have indicated to government officials further action is needed, although official announcements are expected today.

According to EODY data, Paros is classified as a “high risk” area with a 5.51% share, followed by Mykonos at 4.27%, Tinos at 4.20%, Rethymno at 3.76% and Santorini at 3. 40%.

On Ios, from today, about 30 police officers will begin monitoring compliance with sanitary protocol measures, as well as imposing fines where they are not respected (this applies to distancing, placement of tables and seats, and other measures).

Corresponding missions will be sent to all islands that are about to “turn red” (that is, they will be referred to an area with an unfavorable epidemiological situation). The goal is to reduce the high epidemiological burden and take no action in August.

The authorities fear not only what will happen in August, but also what will follow, as most people look with dismay at the situation with the return from rest, when in the big cities there is an explosion of disease. This will mean that from September new restrictions in megacities cannot be avoided.

“Green” islands with a good epidemiological situation
8 islands were characterized as “green” with a positivity index below 1%:

Thassos: 0.09% Kea Kythnos: 0.17% Samos: 0.44% Ithaca: 0.46% Ikaria: 0.73% Kefalonia: 0.74% Sporades: 0.88% Syros: 0.92% …

Halkidiki with 0.76% and Preveza with 0.60% are also marked “green”.

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