Third vaccination? Very likely

A third dose of Pfizer could actually save you from delta mutation, according to the manufacturer’s published report on the vaccine’s effectiveness. It increases the level of protection more than 10 times.

The report for the second quarter of this year was published on July 28, but has not yet been reviewed. According to the data presented in it, in people aged 18-55 years who received the third dose of the drug, the level of antibodies against Delta is 5 times higher than after the second vaccination. For representatives of the 65-85 age group, this indicator is even better – 11 times more than after receiving the second dose. Thus, the third dose of Pfizer is able to significantly increase protection against the super-infectious variant of the Delta coronavirus.

Researchers are confident that after the third dose, the potential for neutralizing the delta strain increases 100-fold. They were able to establish that the level of antibodies against the original and beta-variant of covid is also much higher after the third vaccination. Discussions about its expediency have been going on for a long time. The European Union believes that the scenario of immunizing citizens with three doses is very likely.

Meanwhile, Pfizer and BioNTech in August may begin testing a new version of their vaccine, which will effectively protect against the dangerous Delta strain.

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