New York: $ 100 per vaccination

The mayor of New York decided to provide an additional incentive to energize citizens, encouraging them to vaccinate, and ultimately create herd immunity. Those who get vaccinated are provided with a $ 100 prepaid card.

Bill de Blasio announced that starting Friday, residents who get their first coronavirus vaccine at one of the city’s vaccination centers will receive a $ 100 gift certificate. As a reminder, municipal employees must present either a vaccination certificate or a weekly test to get started.

According to the mayor of New York, “$ 100 will have a big impact, especially in a world where more and more things will depend on whether you get vaccinated or not.” The official said at a press conference that the vaccinated will receive a prepaid debit card (including digital).

Does this apply to those who have already been vaccinated?
“I personally believe that the guarantee of receiving remuneration will be of great importance,” the mayor said. When asked if those who had already been vaccinated would receive $ 100, Bill de Blasio thanked them for doing the right thing. “This is the right decision for yourself, your family, your community. They did the right thing, and the reward is that they stayed alive and well. We understand that there is a huge amount of misinformation, especially through social media, that goes beyond the truth. We have a lot to overcome, ”the mayor said.

USA vaccination map
At a press conference, the mayor of New York noted that more than 9 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine had been administered, while 59% of the city’s population received at least the first dose, stressed that this was not enough.

It’s worth noting that, according to Forbes, the $ 100 gift certificate is one of the many incentives for vaccinations in New York, such as subway cards, subscriptions to cultural attractions, a free Shake Shack, and a lottery: to win a green card – a residence permit and a cash prize of $ 2,500.

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