New ΕΝΦΙΑ from March 2022

The new ΕΝΦΙΑ system will be operational in 2022. Owners will start paying real estate tax not at the end of the year, as is done now, but from the beginning – from March.

The repayment of ΕΝΦΙΑ this year will be carried out in six installments, the first at the end of September and the last in February. This refers to the provision in the amendment on the new favorable settlement of debts in connection with the pandemic, presented to parliament by the Ministry of Finance, which includes a number of other tax measures.

In particular, “the terms of payment of the planned monthly payments for ΕΝΦΙΑ have been revised specifically for 2021. The tax will be paid in six monthly installments. The first installment is paid until September 30, 2021, and the last one – until February 28, 2022 ”.

New ΕΝΦΙΑ from 2022
Next year, there will be a new ΕΝΦΙΑ, which property owners will start paying from next March. This means that after they pay the tax in February, they will continue the next month, in March 2022.

However, as previously announced by the Minister of Finance, Mr Christos Staikuras, the redemption will be made in several installments, possibly 12, to facilitate payments to the citizens who own the property. According to the minister, “it would be possible to make ten contributions or even a little more and bring it to 12. Our goal is to continue to reduce ΕΝΦΙΑ by an average of 8% in 2022”.

Who will pay less this year and who will not
This year, the ΕΝΦΙΑ tax has been cut for some property owners by 50%, or they will be exempted from paying altogether. This applies to thousands of property owners whose incomes fell in 2020 due to the suspension of their employment contracts, working as self-employed or “cut” rents.

The pandemic and lockdowns have resulted in many property owners’ incomes falling below the limits that apply to the 50% or 100% discount in ENFIA, causing specific owners to pay half of their property tax this year or are completely exempt from paying, subject to of course, that they also meet the property criteria stipulated by the current legislation.

It is estimated that over 1.2 million property owners will pay 50% to ΦΙΑ this year, while more than 70,000 taxpayers will have ΦΙΑ at zero this year.

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