Greece: Protest Marches Against Compulsory Vaccination Continue

In Greece, the protest marches of opponents of compulsory vaccination and vaccination in any form continue. Protest actions took place in Athens, Thessaloniki, Cerron and other cities of the country.

In the Greek capital Athens, anti-vaccination activists gathered again in Syntagma Square near the parliament to protest against the compulsory vaccination and vaccination of adolescents, demanding the resignation of the government and the cancellation of the decision on compulsory vaccinations of medical workers and nursing home staff.

At an anti-vaccination rally in Thessaloniki, demonstrators also chanted slogans that had nothing to do with the pandemic or vaccines. It is reported that they chanted: “Greek Macedonia” and “Motherland – religion – freedom”.

A similar protest march took place in the city of Cerron.

A rally of opponents of compulsory vaccination in the city of Sparta.

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PS It is no secret that part of the contingent of participants in the anti-vaccination protest marches are supporters of the ultra-right party Chrisi Avgi, banned in Greece, as well as members of ultra-Orthodox groups and the marginalized who have joined them, who use any protests – against a pandemic, lockdown, masks, and others – for their own purposes.

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