France: new protocol for schools threatens with new protests

The protocol for educational institutions for the coming academic year has been published in France. Some children will be able to study in classrooms, while others will have to switch to distance learning.

He talks about innovations European truthreferring to Euractiv. The main difference between the new school year during a pandemic is the different rules for vaccinated and unvaccinated schoolchildren. If at least one student in the classroom has a positive test for coronavirus, then only those who have been vaccinated will be able to continue their studies at their desks – the unvaccinated will switch to a weekly distance learning program. Primary school students who are not yet vaccinated against coronavirus will go on a forced vacation in full force.

At the same time, the French Ministry of Education does not at all guarantee that the announced measures will be valid throughout the entire academic year – everything will depend on the epidemiological situation. If necessary, the authorities have the right to introduce additional restrictions.

Jean-Michel Blanquet, the country’s education minister, announced that the new school year will start on September 2 and the children will return to school. However, at the moment, only 24% of adolescents aged 12-17 are vaccinated. They began to be vaccinated only on June 15, this requires the consent of the parents or guardians. Until now, the French authorities have ruled out the possibility of schoolchildren getting “health passports”.

Earlier in France, a law was passed according to which you can get into a restaurant or go on a trip around the country only with a covid passport. Another law passed by parliament obliges all health workers to be vaccinated. Both innovations have caused tension and intense protests in the country. Last weekend, 160 thousand people took to the streets. Well, after the next government decision, especially concerning children, are we waiting for new protests and rallies?

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