Anti-virus booed priests in Greek churches (video)

Opponents of vaccination in Greece have found a new way to state their position: they began verbally attacking priests when they addressed parishioners, recommending vaccination against Covid-19.

In just two days, there were two incidents in Zakynthos and Thessaloniki, when anti-vaccinators boycotted a priest, shouting “Shame!”

At the Church of St. Paraskeva in Neapolis (Thessaloniki), the local metropolitan faced the outrage of the parishioners when he urged them to protect their health and the health of their loved ones by being vaccinated against the coronavirus. Some people started shouting “shame” and “shame on you” and even booed a high-ranking clergyman. As a result, the outraged parishioners left the church in a rage.

The Metropolitan mentioned, among other things, that he runs a nursing home to emphasize the need to protect the health of the elderly, but the voices of the opponents of vaccination, who caused a scandal, drowned out the voice of the priest.

In the church, many people did not wear masks or wore them under the chin, the newspaper notes. thesstoday… According to the order of the Greek authorities, today the wearing of masks is mandatory in closed public places. Violators are punished with a fine of 300 euros, and the institutions themselves, where the violation occurs, incl. and churches can be punished with fines of up to 5,000 euros or more.

A day earlier, a similar incident occurred during a festive service in honor of Saint Panteleimon in Pigadakia on the island of Zakynthos. A local priest spoke out in favor of vaccination when an angry young man started shouting “shame” and “shame on you!”

Another anti-vaccine group gathered outside a church in Patras on Wednesday night and chanted hymns to protest the vaccines.

It is not yet clear who is organizing these protests in the churches, where most of the clergy apparently complied with. mandatory circular Church of Greece on the promotion of the vaccination program.

Nevertheless, in Greece, there are facts when priests who oppose vaccines and masks, denied vaccinated parishioners the sacrament, claiming that vaccination drowns out faith, and that with the help of vaccines Satan (chips with 5G, etc.) penetrates into the soul of Christians.

By its decision, the Holy Diocese of Ioannina (Ιερά Μητρόπολη Ιωαννίνων) “sent on vacation” two priests who performed Holy Communion, feeding the believers with the “blood of Christ” from disposable plastic spoons.

On the other hand, fines of up to 20,000 euros were imposed on churches where believers were asked to share Holy Communion from one teaspoon… There were also arrests of priests and metropolitans who conducted services and allowed parishioners into the church during quarantine.

It looks like the priests, like the people in general, are completely confused about what is allowed and what is not. And the Greek society itself has split into 2 irreconcilable camps: those who are for vaccination, and those who are against. So similar incidents arise.

In the Greek capital Athens, meanwhile, anti-vaccinators gathered again in Syntagma Square near parliament to protest the forced vaccination and vaccination of adolescents, demanding the government’s resignation and the overturning of the decision on compulsory vaccinations of medical workers and nursing home staff.

At an anti-vaccination rally in Thessaloniki, demonstrators also chanted slogans that had nothing to do with the pandemic or vaccines. It is reported that they chanted: “Greek Macedonia” and “Motherland – religion – freedom”.

A similar protest march took place in the city of Cerron.

A rally of opponents of compulsory vaccination in the city of Sparta.

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PS It is no secret that part of the contingent of participants in the anti-vaccination protest marches are supporters of the ultra-right party Chrisi Avgi, banned in Greece, as well as members of ultra-Orthodox groups and the marginalized who have joined them, who use any protests – against a pandemic, lockdown, masks, and others – for their own purposes.

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