ALCO: anti-virus profile in Greece

Almost seven out of ten residents of Greece (68%) trust vaccines, 12% of the unvaccinated were convinced by a family doctor, and 75% of the unvaccinated are not afraid of the coronavirus.

This data is taken from a survey conducted by the rating company ALCO for the Athens Medical Association (ISA) on citizens’ attitudes towards the pandemic and vaccination.

The results of the study show that 2/3 of the population are worried about the course of the pandemic, believe that the vaccine can defeat the virus, trust vaccinations and have been vaccinated or made an appointment.

On the other hand, 1/3 are not afraid of Covid-19 and have not been vaccinated. These are mainly men and people between the ages of 17 and 44.

Research results

“According to the study results, this 1/3 seems to be quantitatively able to prevent the achievement of immunity in society, especially when part of it seems to think about vaccination, as opposed to the ‘hard’ core, on the order of 40%, which suggests that they are not going to get vaccinated and seem to be convinced of their views, ”- said during the presentation of the study, Mr. Panagopoulos. A key feature of this group is the belief that the virus is not threatening it. Only 25% of those who will not be vaccinated fear they could get sick, compared with 51% of those who are vaccinated. In addition, 35% of those who will not be vaccinated believe that vaccination can defeat the pandemic, as do 76% of those who are vaccinated. Bans for the unvaccinated and mandatory vaccination can lead to a change in the attitude of the part of the group that refuses vaccination (33%). 12% of unvaccinated people say they can be influenced by their personal doctor. However, 44% claim that nothing can influence them. With regard to the concept of compulsory vaccination of certain occupational groups, the majority favor compulsory vaccination of health care workers (73%) and employees of care facilities for the elderly (73%), while the percentage of public transport workers (65%) is very high. The same situation is with teachers (64%), civil servants in contact with the population (61%) and public catering workers (60%). “The Sars-Cov-2 vaccination is an act of personal responsibility and social solidarity. We urge our fellow citizens who have not been vaccinated and are endangering their own health and the health of society at large to do so immediately. Vaccines are safe and effective and are the most powerful scientific weapon against the deadly virus. Vaccinations are the only way to save lives, make society work, and bring life back to life. We urge our members to mobilize to inform citizens who have doubts about the benefits of vaccinations and to participate in the vaccination program, ”said ISA President Georgios Patulis. The study was presented by Georgios Patulis, President of the Athens Medical Association, Fotis Patsurakos, First Vice President, and Kostas Panagopoulos, ALCO Managing Director, in the context of an online press conference. …

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