September 22, 2023

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Famous comedian in prison for rape

Popular Greek actor Petros Filippidis, sentenced to pre-trial detention for one rape and two attempted rapes, will soon be transferred to Tripoli prison.

Petros Filippidis is currently in custody at GADA and, according to the prosecutor’s order, will be transferred as a temporary detainee to Tripoli prison, as he is accused of sexual crimes.

The famous actor testified yesterday to the staff investigator. The comedian continues to adhere to the line of complete denial of the charges, but did not convince the investigator and, with the consent of the prosecutor, was finally sentenced to pre-trial detention.

He behaved with restraint, avoiding any “loud” statements, except for his first “appearance” in court (last February), when he loudly shouted that he would not allow anyone to tarnish his name.

In written explanations given by the actor through his lawyer to the prosecutor, he denied what the applicants had accused him of. “I express the deepest respect for women and sexual freedom,” he said in a statement to prosecutors.

As “Russian Athens” wrote earlier, Petros Filippidis was accused of sexual harassment and threats against Anna-Maria Papaharalambus, Penelope Anastassopoulou and Lena Drosaki.

A statement against the famous comedian was submitted to the prosecutor’s office by the Association of Greek Actors, in the context of the investigation of the Greek #me_too (harassment, sexual harassment in the workplace).

The first applicant told the prosecutor that she had been raped by an actor in 2008 in a theater when she went there to get a job.

The second woman revealed that she was sexually assaulted by a famous actor in 2010, in his dressing room. According to her, they met at the theater to discuss professional issues, and he dragged her into the dressing room and attempted to rape her. However, the woman desperately resisted (it came to a fight), and she managed to avoid the worst.

The third victim claims that in 2014, after a business meeting, the actor kindly offered to take her home in his car. The girl agreed. However, the attacker took her to a secluded place and tried to rape her.

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