When savings are not good – the choice of household appliances

Experts do not recommend saving on household appliances. The main indicator when buying is the quality, confirmed by the technical characteristics. RIA Novosti tells about the advice of the Russian expert Roman Chetvernykh.

Low-quality household appliances can ruin furniture, undermine health and even ruin relations with neighbors. Therefore, the choice of her should be approached responsibly. Let’s start with the hood, the purchase of which makes the most mistakes, according to the expert:

“Saving on the hood can lead to the fact that harmful vapors will not be filtered, your family will breathe them. In addition, all fat deposits will remain on the furniture, and after five to six years it may completely lose its presentation.”

When choosing a hood, you should familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics and pay special attention to power. High-quality equipment should renew the air at least 6-12 times per hour. It is not difficult to calculate the hood power for your kitchen. To do this, you need to calculate the volume of the kitchen (length x width x height), multiply it by 12, add “in reserve” 20% and another 10% if the stove is gas. For example, with a kitchen area of ​​10 square meters and a ceiling height of 3 m, the exhaust capacity should be at least 500 m³ / hour.

In second place among household appliances, which buyers often save on, are dishwashers. Here it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer – in China they use cheaper parts, which ultimately affects the quality. Roman Chetvernykh advises buying equipment that was collected in Europe:

“Budget dishwashers make a lot of noise, which will cause inconvenience to you and, possibly, even to neighbors. You should not buy little-known Chinese brands, even if the set of functions is much wider than that of a similar product of a European brand, since the seals between the doors and the body, as well as on the hose is made of cheap materials. This is fraught with leaks and can lead to not only repair costs, but also the purchase of a new machine. “

But when choosing an air conditioner, preference should be given to Asian brands. When buying it, special attention should be paid to the filtration system and power:

“If you save on the number of filters, the air conditioner will not filter the air, which will accumulate mold, waste products of mites and unpleasant odors that will spread throughout the apartment and contribute to the development of allergies. Also, saving on the air conditioner is fraught with high noise levels in the room and insufficient power to cool it. “

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