Run aground: rescued 5 tourists off the coast of the Greek Seychelles

In the early morning in the sea area of ​​Northern Evoikos, near Likhadonisi, opposite the village of Kamena Vourla, an alarm sounded: a tourist boat with 16 people (5 passengers and 11 crew members) reported that they had “run aground”.

It was an ALMAHA boat bound for Skiathos. The Coast Guard and Stilida Port Authority have launched a coordinated operation to locate the boat, alerting all vessels in the vicinity.

About an hour later, people calling for help were found. At around 5:00 the tourist vessel OASIS, one of the first to arrive in the area, was able to approach the grounded boat and pick up 5 passengers while the crew remained on board.

Other vessels were reportedly close to the victim, but they were unable to reach the place where the boat ran aground due to the shallow water. An hour later, at 6:00 am, OASIS and other boats departed for Skiathos, while the tugboat CRISTOS XVII remains in place by order of the authorities.

Recall Lihadonisi is the “Greek Seychelles”

Help “Russian Athens”. Likhadonisia (Λιχαδονήσια) – an archipelago, about which not so much is known all over the world, is the prototype … of the Seychelles in the Greek version.

In the northern part of the Gulf of Evia, between Kamena Vourla and Evia, there is a small archipelago of islands, which the locals call Seychelles. These are Likhadonisia, small islands located close to each other, which arose after a strong earthquake thousands of years ago. Previously, they were inhabited, but today they are uninhabited and are protected by the state as an ecological zone. The islands are a great place for day trips and lovely walks.

The largest of these islands are Strogili and Manolia, slightly smaller – Mikri Strogili, Steno and Vaya. And the smallest is Pontikoniso (Mouse Island). On one of the islands there is an organized beach, where everything you need to relax on the coast is provided.

There is something to see here for lovers of archeology (the remains of an ancient settlement and a temple where weddings and christenings were held). Nizhnyaya Likhada and Likhadonisia are extremely rich in impressions, here even in several places there are cemeteries of ancient shipwrecks – great entertainment for fanatical divers. By the way, there is a lot to do here for photographers too.

Recently, these islands fell in love with … a flock of seals. Small cute and curious animals do not interfere with vacationers at all, remaining outside observers. However, they are very fond of “posing” for photographers.

From the port of Αγίου Γεωργίου (Vorea Evia) and from the town of Kamena Vourla, you can get here by taxi boat (5 euros / person and 2.5 euros for children) in 10 minutes. On the island with a sandy beach, there are umbrellas and sun loungers (free of charge), and you can have a snack at a small diner (seafood and kebabs). And of course, you will be offered coffee and drinks there.

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