Plaka washed

The municipality of Athens has completed a gigantic anti-graffiti operation in the picturesque and lively Plaka area, especially during the summer months.

The heart of tourism, the Plaka area, which attracts visitors from all over the world to its historical and archaeological monuments, alleys, streets and architectural buildings, became the field of activity for the special cleaning teams of the municipality of Athens for almost two months.

After the streets of Ermou, Stadiou, Thissio, Patision and dozens of other parts of Athens, utilities carried out another large-scale operation on an area of ​​8,200 square meters to destroy anarchic graffiti and dirt that had covered surfaces for many years.

The key to the success of this impressive event was the Take Your City (Υιοθέτησε την πόλη σου) program, in which the Lyktos Group, Raycap and The Hellenic Initiative were actively involved in raising funds to strengthen this project.

To remove all graffiti, 350 liters of special thinner, 18,000 liters of pressurized water and 4858 liters of paint were used.
Cleaning teams had to work day and night for two months to remove graffiti from 42 streets and paint public buildings and areas such as playgrounds and school yards, 162 blinds in 97 shops and the exterior walls of vandalized homes.

The operation was carried out with the special permission of the Department for the Protection of Modern Monuments and Movable Cultural Property of the Ministry of Culture.

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