Farsalinos: "Church lies about the origin of vaccines"

University of Patras physician and researcher Constantinos Farsalinos criticizes the Church over the publication of the EPTs Synod on Covid-19 vaccines.

Mr. Farsalin’s criticism focuses on the use of embryonic cells and their role in the development, evolution and manufacture of vaccines. Embryonic cells are mentioned in the publication of the Synod of the EOC, which states that “lines of embryonic cells originate from the bones of embryos after therapeutic termination of pregnancy.”

All this, in his opinion, is false, but in reality everything is different.

“Friends outside my church were handing out to believers a 4-page informational booklet Synod of the Church of Greece with information (in the form of questions and answers) about vaccines.

It also includes a problem that has arisen since the advent of vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 (a few months ago) and concerned the use of embryonic cells in the development and production of vaccines. We need to make it clear that there is no embryonic tissue or cells as a component of any of them being administered to populations around the world. However, 2 embryonic cell lines are used in the production of COVID-19 vaccines. HEK 293 series (AstraZeneca) and PER.C6 series (Johnson & Johnson). In addition, both the Russian vaccine (Sputnik V) and the Chinese (CanSino Biologics) also use series HEK 293. Church publication states: “Fetal cell lines are derived from the bones of the fetus as a result of therapeutic termination of pregnancy.” It’s a lie! Test Information: “The HEK 293 cell line was created by Dr. Alex van der Ab at the University of Leiden in 1973. The creator of the cell line himself in 2001 informed the FDA on the origin of the cells: “The cells of the fetus with an unknown family history were probably acquired in 1972. The exact date is not known. The fetus, as far as I remember, was completely normal. The reasons for the abortion were unknown to me. I probably knew this at that time, but all this information was lost. Therefore, it is possible that they were obtained either as a result of spontaneous abortion (miscarriage), or as a result of artificial ( non-therapeutic) abortion ”. Source.

As for the PEC C6 cells, it is clear that they resulted from an optional (non-therapeutic) abortion in the Netherlands in 1985. The link above clearly states that this was an abortion for social reasons, which is already widely known thanks to these cells. These are not the first vaccines produced using embryonic cells. All embryonic cell lines originate from 1 or 2 embryos decades ago, and the lines used today are reproduced in the laboratory. Personally, I have no moral problem with using embryonic cell lines in this way. But everyone has their own moral assumption, and everyone can choose a different vaccine. Unfortunately, the Church, due to its inability to verify the veracity and reliability of the information that it disseminates in its publications, sinks to the spread of fake news. If the Church does not want to touch upon a sensitive issue for some believers, it is better not to mention it at all. Use this tactic, for example, in the hideous and embarrassing COVID funeral process. An even more serious blow (in relation to the funeral) is to show such carelessness and become a carrier of disinformation. And this is doubly unacceptable for everyone’s personal moral concern, since there are options for other vaccines for which such cells are not used in the manufacturing process. You will, of course, tell me that all traces of human dignity are now lost due to the jungle conditions that have been imposed on society, so who will deal with and respect personal moral reflections? This is also an approach, since the concept of dignity no longer exists … ”

“Ἡ Ἐκκλησία μιλάει στά παιδιά της μέ τήν γλώσσα τῆς Εὐθύνης, τῆς Ἀλήθειας καί τῆς Ἀγάπης” ΣΙΓΟΥΡΑ; Φίλοι που …

Posted by Konstantinos Farsalinos on Thursday, July 22, 2021

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