The new Russian vaccine Biocad is designed for the Delta variant

Dmitry Morozov, CEO of the Russian biotechnology company Biocad, said that the new vaccine they are developing against COVID-19 was created taking into account the Delta strain:

“We started trials of our own vaccine. This was preceded by my long” tossing “(which platform to choose, which vaccine to make). Technically, the vaccine was ready a few months ago. But it was decided to initiate obtaining approval for clinical trials recently.”

Morozov explained that they have three main tasks. The first and foremost is the safety and efficacy of the drug. And he continued:

‚ÄúSecondly, technologically we must be ready to ensure the release of tens of millions of doses in a very short time. Third, and I think the most important thing, is to be ready very quickly (no more than three months) to make a new version of the vaccine against a new strain. to release an updated version of the vaccine as soon as a new, dangerous variant of COVID-19 appears. And I believe that this is the most important factor in the development! The vaccine that will be tested now has already been optimized for the presence of the delta strain. “

The CEO of the company stressed that only clinical trials can confirm the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine:

“We plan to test our vaccine as long as it takes. We only need reliable data on the safety and effectiveness of our development. We intend to conduct trials as openly as possible, informing the scientific community about the results in real time. We are ready to involve clinical centers in the work, I will say that now our proposal is being considered by many international clinical research centers. “

Morozov shared his immediate plans – to confirm all hypotheses and solve a huge number of technical problems during clinical trials. And he added:

“And in parallel, we continue to increase the production of Sputnik V, covering the urgent need for a vaccine in Russia and beyond.”

On Monday, the Russian Ministry of Health granted Biocad permission to conduct clinical trials of a vaccine being developed by the company. They will be carried out on the basis of two medical institutions with the participation of 360 patients. The BCD-250 vaccine is being developed on the basis of a recombinant adeno-associated vector (rAAV).

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