Barely survived after the boat sank

New facts about the misadventure that two travelers had to endure off the coast of Heraklion (Crete) this weekend when they rented boat capsized, covered in detail by the media.

The 45-year-old man from Messara, who has been living in Germany for the past few years and working as a helicopter pilot, has shown determination and mental endurance. He spent several hours at sea, sailing to reach the monastery of Kudum (Μονή Κουδουμά) and request the help needed by his 39-year-old German girlfriend, who remained waiting for him in the cave.

On Saturday 24/07, the two of them, after the boat capsized in the stormy sea, managed to get out to the saving rocky ridge to catch their breath a little. On Sunday, a 45-year-old man, given the improved weather conditions, managed to swim to the monastery, as it was decided that “this way you can sit forever” until they are found, or not wait for help at all.

Having reached the monastery, the man reported the incident to the ministers. The Coast Guard was immediately informed and the boat immediately went to the site to pick up the man’s friend. The operation to rescue her was successfully completed.

The first words of a Greek
On Sunday afternoon, the image of an emaciated man, dressed only in his underwear, surprised the monastery clerk, the man who runs the canteen at Kudum Monastery. “Please respect this place and dress yourself,” he allegedly said to the man before his eyes.

“I am one of the two who disappeared on the boat,” the man replied and asked for water to quench his thirst.

“The boat capsized in an instant,” the man began his story to reporters for the newspaper ΠΑΤΡΙΣ. When the ship began to sink, Stelios saw that his shorts caught on the protruding part of the boat, which threatened him with immediate death. The pilot, without losing his composure, tore them up and surfaced. Then he saw that his girlfriend, apparently, having lost consciousness, was going to the bottom. He managed to “catch” her at a depth of 2 meters and rescued her.

“The rocky islet and the cave were not far from where the ship capsized. However, it was very difficult to sail as the wind pushed the wave against the traffic.

Fortunately, the rocks were within sight, and that saved us, ”said the Greek.

“What happened is not explained by logic. There were abrasions on their bodies, but in general they are all right. The weather did not allow such a great swell to swim such a distance. It is a miracle that they were saved, ”the newspaper writes.

Both survivors were transported by ambulance to the Harakas polyclinic, where they received first aid after a routine medical examination. The travelers were severely dehydrated, but generally healthy.

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