Villas in Mykonos: Gigantic Tax Evasion

The investigation, carried out by the experienced Greek tax auditors AADE, produced a fantastic result. The inspectors, posing as foreign clients renting the villa, were able to find and uncover the criminal schemes.

AADE auditors have identified massive tax evasion in Mykonos. A number of “secret” offices were identified, which were located in apartments in various areas of the southern suburbs and the center of the capital, had the TIN of the head office in Athens and branches in Mykonos. The Invisible Companies ran luxury villas and raised money from foreign tenants of luxury housing.

Following their investigation, experienced AADE auditors, pretending to be foreign clients renting a villa, were first able to locate hidden offices in apartments in isolated areas of Mykonos, and then conducted a coordinated raid of the office apartments. There were seized lists of clients who paid exorbitant sums of money, as well as lists of owners of villas in Mykonos.

Also, unofficial statements containing data of Greek and foreign clients, data on 17 villas, days of stay and amounts of up to 180,000 euros for each villa when rented for 10 days were confiscated. That is, 18,000 euros per day were not declared.

Also, in other office-apartments in Mykonos, unofficial statements were confiscated, including data on 30 villas, amounting to 170,000 euros each, when rented for three days (57,000 euros per day) or, in other cases, 60,000 euros for a villa for 5 days (12,000 euros per day).

The auditors of AADE, observing absolute secrecy and examining the documents received, found the first 6 violations of non-issuance of receipts totaling 285,000 euros. In another case, they recorded 5 cases of non-extradition ΑΠΥ totaling 125,000 euros, and in the third case, two non-extraditions ΑΠΥ totaling 410,000 euros.

The investigation of the AADE auditors is ongoing. The specialists intend to find out whether the owners of the villas have declared the income received from the lease of 47 villas. This will be followed by further processing of all confiscated data and documentation. Using the cross-validation methodology, data on tenants and villa owners will be found.

AADE executives talk about further major tax evasion cases coming soon.

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