The number of hospitalized patients with covid increased by 25%

According to the statements of Charalambos Gogos and Nikos Tsanakis, the number of people in need of treatment has increased by 25%.

Recently, there has been a slowdown in the growth rate of morbidity, however, at the same time, the number of our fellow citizens in need of hospitalization has increased. This is the opinion of the experts who spoke on the SKY channel.

“In the last 7-8 days, we have not seen an exponential increase in cases (covid), as in the previous days. In this context, two predicted scenarios remain. A good scenario is to keep the level of 3000-3500 cases as an average (no higher), provided that vaccination continues and action is taken. In the worst case, by September we could have 5000-5500 cases, ”said Mr Tsanakis.

The greatest concern is the increase in hospitalizations (150-160 per day). Mr. Tsanakis did not rule out that in late July-early August, the trend may grow – up to 300 people and more.

Charalambos Gogos emphasized that the number of hospitalizations is increasing by 25-26% per day and at the same time the number of intubated is increasing (from 125 to 130).

Our only defense is the vaccine
In terms of vaccines, two scientists explained that this is the only way to get protection from the virus. In their competent opinion, the virus will affect all of us, but those who are vaccinated do not risk becoming seriously ill.

Mr Tsanakis stated that 2-5% of those vaccinated may be at risk, and that they will be people taking medication or the elderly. By contrast, when it comes to the unvaccinated, young people are more likely to get the disease easily. However, according to the expert, people over 40-50 years old in 10% of cases may need hospitalization and intubation.

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