Plague was discovered in the USA, a child died

A ten-year-old girl died of plague infection and complications in the state of Colorado (USA), according to the WGN9 television channel.

After the death of the child, a check was carried out, as a result of which sick animals were found in six districts. Specialists from the Department of Health and the Environment have explained that the source of the dangerous disease is the bacterium Yersinia pestis. People contract the plague from infected animals and from flea bites.

At an early stage, the disease is curable. Among the main symptoms of the plague are swollen lymph nodes and a rapid rise in body temperature to high levels, RIA Novosti reports.

As a preventive measure, doctors recommend not to touch sick or dead street animals, pets should be shown to the veterinarian in a timely manner if any signs of health problems appear, and rodents should be avoided.

The most likely route of human infection from rodents is the bite of a plague flea. The second option is direct contact with sick animals. Foxes, wolves, badgers, cats, marmots, gophers are sick with plague.

Previously, it was believed that rodents, in particular rats, and fleas infesting on them were to blame for outbreaks of plague in Europe in the XIV-XIX centuries. However, a group of scientists from the Universities of Ferrara (Italy) and Oslo (Norway) argue that, by and large, the first outbreak of plague began not from rats, but from human fleas and lice.

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