If a covid catches you on vacation

Useful advice in case the coronavirus, God forbid, “catches” you on vacation, the expert gives.

If you become infected with COVID-19 while on vacation, be sure to follow the tips below to get through the quarantine period as painlessly as possible.

This summer is different from the rest. After many months locked up, I really want to relax outside the house. You are counting the days until this long-awaited moment, but with the Delta mutation, there is a chance that your vacation will be ruined. Even if you are vaccinated, you are not fully protected and can get sick while on vacation.

This opportunity seems disastrous. However, calm down, don’t panic. By following some helpful tips, you can make your quarantine period less painful.

Please be reminded that in many countries a negative test or rapid test is required to return. Even if you don’t have symptoms, you probably won’t be able to return home as planned. This can lead to cancellation of tickets, additional hotel stays, increased food costs, etc., as well as the possible loss of working days. That being said, you need to take precautions and continue to adhere to the COVID-19 security protocols.

Coping with COVID-19 Away From Home
If you find yourself infected with COVID-19 while traveling, it is important to be responsible and do everything you can to prevent its spread. By seeing a positive test result, you will be able to determine when you were infected with the virus.

Asymptomatic people can stop isolating 10 days after testing positive, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, after this period, it is possible to get a positive result again, even if you can no longer transmit the virus. In this case, you may need to prepare to stay where you are for a longer period of time, depending on your country’s restrictions.

Need to do:

Transfer your flight. Find a place to stay.

Find a place to quarantine. You want a place that doesn’t require you to go out for food or anything else.

We are looking for a room with:

small kitchen, 24-hour staff; dining room; a nearby grocery store.

Find a room with a kitchenette so you can chill food and cook. Contactless delivery may not be available in all countries and may be expensive. Be sure to inform staff that you do not need room service and use the Do Not Disturb sign, if available, to ensure cleanliness.

Sign up for the next diagnostic test

Once you find where to stay and book new return tickets, you will need to set a date for a new COVID test.

Make sure the test:

Taken 10 days or more after the first positive test. 72 or 48 hours (depending on the type of test) before inspection by the competent authorities. If possible, try not to contact anyone until you have taken the test and are in the area where you will be giving it.

Order what you need

Once you have a shopping list, place a delivery order or ask the accommodation staff if they can help you get what you need. Under no circumstances should you dare to shop on your own.

Don’t forget to include:

vitamins and supplements such as C; any medication needed (antipyretic); thermometer; drinking water.

You may feel completely healthy, but we cannot tell how the virus will affect your condition. Being able to control your temperature and take a daily nutritional supplement can help tremendously. Drink plenty of fluids.

Share with someone

If you are diagnosed positively, the chances are high that you are infected or sick. You may not want to discuss your condition on social media, but talking with loved ones will definitely help you. Tell them all that you are experiencing and they will definitely support you.

Do Something Good For Yourself (Treat Yourself)

It may seem terribly boring to be locked in four walls, but try not to get discouraged and limp. You have enough time to read as much as you want, watch TV shows that you have not seen before and for which there was not enough time. Perhaps you will be carried away by any interesting course that you can take online with a group of like-minded people. In addition, if you feel normal, you can do gymnastics to help you keep your peace of mind.

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