He died after being vaccinated by Pfizer at the age of 35 …

“I made my son get vaccinated to start his own business, he didn’t want to, he was afraid,” are the heartbreaking words of a father from Corinth, who lost his son a week after vaccination.

“He was afraid, just like me,” says the father and asks the state for an explanation of the tragic death of his child. “We do not know what is true and what is not, we are not anti-vaccinators,” says a man who lost his son without, as he explains, an examination, because “they did not even put a thermometer on him,” and he suddenly died. The unfortunate father emphasizes that other family members, the mother and sister of his unfortunate child, were previously vaccinated against Covid-19.

He died after being vaccinated by Pfizer at the age of 35 …

He died after being vaccinated by Pfizer at the age of 35 …

Posted by Russian Athens – Russian Athens on Saturday, July 24, 2021

The man, father of the unfortunate young man, a retired IKA director in Corinth, speaks on camera on Zougla TV as he lost his child after being vaccinated against the coronavirus. Which he went through because he wanted to open his own business, an internet cafe in the area in order to work and make a living.

A 35-year-old man with no health problems received his first dose of Pfizer vaccine at a Corinth hospital last Friday, July 16, and the next day he felt unwell and had a fever. His father attributed these symptoms to the known side effects of the vaccine and believed they would go away, the doctors told him.

After being vaccinated, the 35-year-old man also took a rapid test, and he tested positive for Covid-19. However, the symptoms persisted, so the worried father took his son and went to the hospital.

The unhappy young man began to choke. Upon arrival at the hospital, he was unable to get out of the ambulance, he was stopped and the doctors gave him a massage in the lobby next to his father. The 35-year-old man, unfortunately, did not survive and left his last breath in the hospital the day before yesterday evening, Friday 23 July, a week after vaccination.

A medical examiner’s report is expected after the autopsy, and the father was told that his son had died of a heart attack, as reported on zougla.gr.

“I want an explanation, nothing else,” says the heartbroken father. He is in despair and asks to say what exactly happened to his son, why he lost him so suddenly.

“Let the state give an explanation, let them carry out an examination before they give you a vaccine,” – this is the dramatic appeal of the father.

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