The transformation of Mount Lycabettus

Few cities in the world have the privilege of having such a significant natural landmark as a hill like Lycabettus at their center. This is an urban forest park with an area of ​​about 180 hectares, a great place for recreation, summer concerts and events.

Lycabettus is famous for its ecological trails, hiking trails and magnificent panoramic views of Athens. After many years of abandonment and desolation, the forest park Lycabettus mountainslocated in the heart of Athens, will be renovated with attention to a valuable ecosystem, with respect for flora and fauna. It is planned to create an integrated and sustainable structure that will guide the regeneration, protection and maintenance of the hill.

The basis of the transformation strategy is the multi-level research project Lycabettus Program (Πρόγραμα Λυκαβηττός), prepared by the previous municipal government of Kamini, coordinated by the architect Maria Kaltsa in collaboration with the services of the Municipality of Athens, the Athens Agricultural University and the School of Architecture και της Σχολής Αρχιτεκτονικής του Εθνικού Μετσόβιου Πολυτεχνείου).

Renovation of Lycabettus Hill: a project worth 1.5 million euros
The implementation of the first phase of the project began a few weeks ago under the leadership of the responsible deputy mayor, Mr. Vasilis Axiotis. A budget project of about € 1,500,000 is financed by the European Investment Bank and includes:

Application of innovative soft, elegant methods and materials for flood control and soil sedimentation, suitable for protecting the slopes on the southeast side of the hill. Replacing the asphalt pavement along the entire 1,700 m length and reapplying permeable materials to create a great walking experience. Restoration using natural materials of a section of a 3-kilometer route, paths that connect individual parts of the hill, such as the Green Canopy and the Stone Pavilion (Πράσινη Τέντα και το Πέτρινο Περίπτερο).

“Lycabettus will begin to step with the times. After years of indifference and abandonment, he is making up for lost time,” said Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis during his visit to Lycabettus Hill.

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