Forward to the past: Russians are actively buying push-button phones

Surprisingly, the business newspaper Kommersant writes – sales of push-button telephones increased in the first 6 months of this year by 6.7% -26%.

Against the background of a stable decrease in sales in previous years (5-10%), 2021 was surprised – in monetary terms, sales of push-button phones increased by 18.8% (Svyaznoy) and 35% (M.Video-Eldorado group) … However, the reasons for this phenomenon abound, experts say. The most commonplace are the summer cottage season and the return of labor migrants. An important factor is the rampant fraud, and push-button gadgets are less prone to hacking.

Sergey Vakulin, an expert on information and computer security, recommends using push-button devices for especially important negotiations, which do not have the ability to connect to modern communication networks. He explains:

“If you look closely at many officials and billionaires, both Russian and foreign, they walk around with push-button telephones. A push-button telephone will be very difficult to listen to, since there is no 3G, LTE and so on. “

So, if you have old push-button phones lying around at home, do not rush to throw them away. Who knows if you will need them in the near future …

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