Bonus to doctors for vaccinations in private clinics, pharmacies and at home

The government plans to start vaccinating in private clinics, pharmacies and at home, and will provide bonuses to doctors and pharmacists that will help increase the number of vaccinations.

Minister of Health Vasilis Kikilias, speaking on the program “Hour of Greece” on the Open TV channel, announced that “pharmacists and doctors will be able to make appointments for vaccination of citizens, while receiving compensation in the amount of 10 euros for 1 vaccination. As soon as the citizen takes the first dose of the vaccine, 10 euros will be credited to the account of the healthcare professional, pharmacist or doctor. We place great trust in healthcare professionals. “

Mr. Kikilias said that “the general line of the campaign to promote vaccination has yielded concrete results, and now we are going home.” Mr. Kikilias also announced that if professional doctors vaccinate citizens in their office, they will receive not 3 euros, which were issued until today, but 20 euros. “And we will give 50 euros if the doctors go to vaccinate the bedridden patients, our fellow citizens at home,” he added.

However, in addition to doctors, “pharmacists will be able to make appointments with citizens and receive at the same time 10 euros for 1 vaccination,” said Mr. Kikilias. “We see that the number of vaccinated people is constantly increasing,” said the Minister of Health, stressing that everyone must fulfill their responsibilities and get vaccinated.

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