France: € 25 “bonus” when visiting the Eiffel Tower

The system of special sanitary passes began to operate in France on July 7 – for attending events where more than 50 people are present. You need to show one in order to climb the Eiffel Tower. However, even in his absence, you will not be denied a visit to the world famous sight.

If you do not have a special pass, you can take an antigenic rapid test. For the convenience of visitors to the Eiffel Tower, special tents are installed in front of each entrance, where you can take a test and quickly get its result. The only drawback of such a service is that you will have to pay 25 euros for testing. True, not to everyone, but only to foreign tourists – the service is free for the French. Service company spokesman Patrick Branco Ruivo says:

We decided to run 1,500 antigen tests a day. Now we receive from 12 to 13 thousand visitors a day, so we calculated the tests by about 10%. But obviously we will adjust this amount based on needs.

All potential visitors to the Eiffel Tower have been alerted to the innovation on the website, and messages are written in different languages. There is also a warning for the forgetful – wearing a mask and keeping a distance is still relevant. The attitude of visitors to the sights and ordinary citizens of France to the new rules is unanimous:

“It seems to me quite interesting because it is a very responsible and safe facility for all tourists who come from far away. And thanks to this, we can feel more secure.”

“I think it’s great. Spain is not doing very well compared to France because we don’t take so many precautions, so I think it’s good.”

And yet in France, the rapid increase in the number of new cases of coronavirus continues, the Delta strain is rampant. Over the past week, the number of infections has increased by 150%, and over the last day it amounted to 18 thousand.

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