Coping with the hot season for the elderly – geriatrician’s tips

Nadezhda Runikhina, chief geriatrician of the Russian capital’s health department, told Argumenty i Fakty how to survive the heat for the elderly.

It is they who are especially vulnerable during the summer heat, when the pressure jumps, the load on the blood vessels and the heart increases. First of all, one should not ignore the already existing health problems and forget to take the medicines recommended by the doctor on time. The doctor also warns:

“Dehydration, that is, dehydration, is very dangerous. In the heat, the evaporation of moisture from the skin and mucous membranes increases; it is necessary to replenish the liquid on time. However, older people may have problems with this. With age, many people begin to feel less thirsty. “

An imbalance of fluid in the body, reminiscent of a geriatrician, is fraught with stroke or thrombosis. In the “best” case, that is, as the “first bell”, unpleasant and dangerous symptoms such as dizziness and weakness are possible, which signal that the body is experiencing dehydration.

Diabetics should be especially careful in the heat. Severe complications can cause hypoglycemic conditions, so you need to limit the intake of simple carbohydrates with food and do not forget to take the necessary medications.

To make the heat easier to endure, Nadezhda Runikhina advises older people to “lean” on fruits and vegetables, allowing dairy products. Thus, the body will receive the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Physical activity in the heat is not beneficial even for the young, as is being in direct sunlight. But unhurried walks in the shade will bring nothing but benefit.

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