China: 12 subway deaths caused by flooding

Deadly floods reached China, 12 passengers of the flooded train died in the Zhengzhou metro, and five more were injured.

The water flow, after the destruction of the dam near the city of Zhengzhou by flooding, flooded the subway galleries and filled the train cars with passengers. Chinese TV channel reported:

“Due to heavy rains, the water level in the Guojiajiu Reservoir in the Erqi District of Zhengzhou City was rapidly rising. On July 21, at 01:30 local time, the dam broke. “

Rainstorms caused water to accumulate in the parking lot above the city metro line. One of the trains ended up on a flooded stretch between two stations. Metro staff evacuated approximately 500 passengers from the tunnel. Twelve people were killed and five injured when the carriages were filled with water.

The metropolis of Chengdu, 700 kilometers southwest of Beijing, is on alert due to heavy rainfall in Henan province. The Chinese military has warned of the possibility of a dam collapse, leading to more flooding.

Previously deadly floods swept over European countries. More than 160 people died in Of Germany and hundreds are missing, 36 dead and 127 missing in Belgium, one person each died in Italy and Austria. Material disaster damage hard to overestimate. Scientists and European leaders said the floods could be linked to climate change on the planet.

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