A fine of 3000 euros for a doctor dissuading patients from vaccination

The Medical Association of Doctors G. Larisa imposed a fine of 3,000 euros on a gynecologist, who a few months ago posted an appeal in her facebook account not to get vaccinated, citing the side effects of the vaccination.

“SAY NO TO VACCINES AGAINST COVID-19. SEVERE SIDE EFFECTS !!! PFIZER GOT RICH – MILLION PROFIT “, – she wrote in her messages, while stating at the same time that” MANY WOMEN NEVER GIVE BIRTH DUE TO DNA DAMAGE !!! “.

The doctor’s message, scattered on the Internet, was soon removed from facebook, and later the medical association filed a complaint against the gynecologist with the disciplinary commission, accusing him of unethical behavior.

After her apology, it was decided that she must pay a fine of 3,000 euros for “violation of the Code of Medical Ethics (Law 3418/2005) and, in particular, Article 17, paragraphs 9 and 10, as well as Article 319 paragraph 1d of the Law 4512/2018 (Ν. 3418/2005) και συγκεκριμένα του άρθρου 17 παρ. 9 και 10, καθώς και του άρθρου 319 παρ. 1δ του Ν. 4512/2018), that is, for misleading and misinforming our fellow citizens with unfounded and scientifically unacceptable views on Covid-19 and vaccination, which have shaken the faith of citizens in medicine. “

Recall that the authorities began to persecute doctors, especially those who dissuade citizens from vaccination, and those who issues fake certificates of alleged vaccination

As “Russian Athens” previously wrote, a doctor at a state hospital is accused of organizing fake vaccinations of its opponents in order to make it easier for them to obtain certificates of vaccinations.

The unprecedented case occurred Sunday at Asklipio Hospital, in the Voula metropolitan area, the POEDIN hospital workers’ union said Thursday. According to the report, the hospital’s podiatrist went to the hospital’s vaccination center on Sunday and asked the nurse on duty to allow him to vaccinate five of his friends who had made an appointment.

After the first injection, the nurse allegedly saw the doctor throw the bottle into the trash can and warned the other staff. An argument ensued, and the doctor left with two vials in his pocket.

The nurse filed a complaint against him, with some hospital staff claiming they even saw him let the vaccine run down the man’s arm, others said he opposed the vaccine. The hospital launched an internal investigation, and the doctor was suspended from work.

In an interview with newsit.gr, the 50-year-old doctor denied any wrongdoing and said that his friends – three men and two women – wanted him to get the shot just because they were afraid of vaccines and trusted him.

The doctor, a father of two, admitted that he had not yet been personally vaccinated because “he has a bad heart.” He added that his parents, wife and children were vaccinated and stressed that he did not refuse vaccinations.

It is reported that the doctor, before starting duty at the hospital’s vaccination center, arrived at work with his five friends, who had previously made an appointment at the usual 15-minute intervals and were registered in the automatic registration system.

According to media reports, authorities suspect the incident is related to illegal attempts to issue vaccination certificates through fake vaccinations, or even involving a criminal organization providing anti-vaccines with everything they need in a country that is seeing a sharp rise in the number of Covid-19 infections. and the government promises “benefits” to vaccinated citizens and “punishment” to unvaccinated citizens.

The investigation must also prove whether the doctor received money for bogus vaccines, and whether everything is not a slip of the hospital staff for any personal reasons. The doctor is reported to be on the run and police were unable to arrest him for the first 48 hours after the incident.

A criminal case was opened against him for violating measures to contain the spread of the virus and an attempt to issue a fake certificate.

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