France: even seasoned policemen were horrified

An eerie sight appeared before the eyes of the French police officers who arrived at the villa on Sunday night at the call of a male neighbor who noticed a bag with human limbs: the dismembered and decapitated body of a teenager.

A 32-year-old man, allegedly a cannibal, is charged with a gruesome crime committed in a villa in Tarascona in the Bouches du Rhône area. AFP, citing local prosecutor Laurent Gumbau, reports that it was rented by a man with a mental disorder. He was later shot dead by the police. Evidence indicates that he was the one who killed, dismembered and beheaded the 13-year-old. dailymail

The boy’s body was found in a bag. The head was found in a bucket in the next room, it was partially eaten, according to Le Figaro. Apparently, this is a teenager who disappeared two days earlier from a medical center in Marseille, for whom law enforcement officers have been actively searching for two days. He lived on the same street.

A psychoactive killer who fled the scene of the crime was discovered in the center of Arles, hours after the discovery of the gruesome find. He has previously been in the field of view of the police, known in the past for outbreaks of violence. While trying to escape, the perpetrator was shot dead. Later, according to the TV channel, “many satanic items” were found in his house.

The IGPN Inspectorate General of the National Police is investigating the murder of a teenager and the lawfulness of shooting the offender. A police spokesman said the “decapitated body most likely belonged to a boy” who was being sought. The absence of a piece of flesh on his shoulder confirms the suspicions of the police that what happened can be considered an act of cannibalism.

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